Weligama Sri Lanka, Cape Weligama
Mirissa Hotels - Cape Weligama


Weligama, Sri Lanka

Emerald hues of the coconut palm frond dappled headlands meet the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean along this isle’s curvaceous southern coast of Weligama, Sri Lanka. Just off the craggy coast, sarong clad fishermen perch acrobatically on their wooden stilts. Centuries old stone carved temples dot the lush undulating interior where elephants still inhabit the tropical jungle. A thirty-minute coastal drive leads to the massive granite ramparts of the 400-year-old Dutch colonial Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and symbol of this region’s strategic importance to maritime history. Nearby, the slender white Dondra Lighthouse, built by the British in 1890, marks this island’s southernmost tip.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Weligama, is Mirissa. The area is often referred to synonymously, as the two towns are situated on the opposite sides of the Weligama Bay. Of the 100s of Mirissa Hotels and upcoming resorts in Weligama, Cape Weligama proudly stands tall as the best rated, most luxurious hotel on Sri Lanka’s Southern coast.


  • 4.5 KMs from Mirissa
  • 26.1 KMs from Galle
  • 152 KMs from Colombo

The Southern Expressway (Highway) allows travel in less than two hours from Colombo, while Air Taxi transfers can be arranged, cutting down travel to less than 30 minutes.

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