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Sharing a Sri Lankan family tradition ‘Love cake’ is a popular sweet dish in Sri Lanka, made from semolina and a good amount of fruit, nut, flavours and essences. A deliciously fragrant cake with a chewy centre and a crunchy exterior, love cake, over the centuries, has assimilated into local culture, becoming an integral part of Sri Lanka’s culinary identity.


The origins of the Sri Lankan love cake can be traced back to the era of the Portuguese who dominated Sri Lanka’s coastal areas during the 16th and 17th centuries (1505-1658). Legend has it that the Portuguese, in the 1500s, brought with them a cake called ‘Bolo di Amor’ which translates to ‘coarse cakes of love’ and the cake was an instant hit. The locals created their own version of the cake marrying the European flavours of citrus and sweet with locally-sourced nuts, spices and essences of Asia. This so-called ‘love cake’ was said to be made by ladies to win the hearts of potential suitors. Another school of thought is this dense, honey-coloured cake got its name from the amount of love, richness and special ingredients incorporated in it. The recipe for love cake can vary according to individual preferences. The main ingredients include eggs, sugar, cashew, semolina, spices, rose and vanilla essences, honey and pumpkin preserve. Love cake features the Sri Lankan spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and clove. Some recipes call for different kinds of candied fruit like orange peel and glace cherries, while others opt for a dash of brandy or rum. It takes approximately an hour and a half to make this moist-centred cake. Baking love cake according to a traditional recipe is sometimes a family ritual passed down by generations. Born of humble beginnings, the love cake is today served for special and festive occasions. The ultimate comfort food is sure to stir memories of yesteryear.


#LoveCakeLove is the theme of a crowd-sourced effort, initiated by Sri Lanka Tourism, to create hype for love cake around Valentine’s Day 2018. Gastro- or culinary tourism is a growing trend and Sri Lankan flavours and dishes are now on the global gastronomy map with signature Sri Lankan dishes and traditional eats, like the Sri Lankan hopper, kottu and love cake.

Love cake theme is carried out to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Resplendent Ceylon resort, joining this island wide initiative. Guests are encouraged to post pictures creatively showcasing love cake while at the resort to be featured in this webpage. Selected pictures will also be shared on our social media channels.

Don’t forget to hashtag #LoveCakeLove #LoveResplendent and geo-tag the resorts on Facebook and Instagram.

Following program can also be enjoyed at our resorts.

From 10 – 18 February, the most anticipated afternoon team will be served with the themed love cakes, paring perfectly with a cup of Ceylon Tea.

Love cake making classes will take place on 12th, 14th, 16th and 18th February for our guests to enjoy at all our resorts.