10 Things to do at Ceylon Tea Trails

(1) The Tea Experience

The Essential Tea Experience at Tea Trails will leave you with a newly found appreciation of this wonder herb “Camellia Sinensis”. Conducted by Andrew Taylor, whose lineage dates back to Sir James Taylor , the founding father of Ceylon tea. Andrew will show you first hand the age-old tea making process. Follow Andrew through the trail of the planters and watch the tea pluckers pick two leaves and a bud, resembling butterflies flitting over shrubs. Then to the factory where the magic happens as the tour ends with a tasting of different grades of tea. Andrew will be sure to say that “Tea should be the colour of a good sherry, bright and lively”. You can test this yourself as your swirl a mouthful of tea with all the concentration that people reserve for wine tasting.

Andrew Taylor . Planter in Residence

(2) Croquet

“It is no game for the soft of sinew and the gentle of spirit. The higher and dirtier croquet player can use the guile of a cobra and inhumanity of a boa constrictor “ – Woolcott. Unleash a tactical struggle against friends and family on any one of our four croquet lawns at Tea Trails. A Pimms No 1 in hand as you try to manoeuvre both your own and your opponent’s balls to make points for your side.

Croquet on the lawn

(3) Savour Gastronomic delights

With our rates being fully inclusive of all food and drinks, sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing tea infused dishes offered at Tea Trails. From Asparagus and Ceylon Young Hyson green tea soup to Herb marinated grilled Australian lamb tenderloin with tamarind tea sauce, Tea Trails will take you on a culinary adventure you will remember for the rest of your life. ~One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well. ~ End your evening with unashamedly luscious desserts : Caramelised banana and prune parcels, Earl Grey infused dark chocolate sauce and some peppermint tea parfait to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Rack of Lamb

(4) Spa treatments and baths

Tea Trails offers you a selection of treatments in the privacy of your bedroom. Unwind with a Tea Trails signature massage, created to soothe your senses and relax your soul. Let the soft, compassionate and healing hands of expert Sri Lankan therapists lead you on a journey of flowing tranquillity. You can even enjoy an aromatic bath to complete or even begin your day at Tea Trails in the midst of the tea country with a detoxifying green tea bath. Rejuvenate and invigorate your body and mind.

Spa treatments at Tea Trails

(5) Scenic Walks

Walking – The most ancient exercise, still known to be the best. Enjoy a leisurely walk as you breathe in the fresh mountain air and experience the exotic flora and varied landscapes around you. Enjoy the stunning views of the Castlereagh Lake and beautifully carpeted tea mountains along marked trails either with your loved ones or a guide provided by Tea Trails. Leave your thoughts behind , free your mind and awaken the spirit – That’s the beauty of a scenic amble. You can even enjoy a stroll from one Tea Trails bungalow to another and enjoy a nice cuppa.

Scenic walks

(6) High Tea

High Tea is known to be one of the few practices of the colonial era that continues at Tea Trails as each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. Indulge in afternoon high teas in our beautiful gardens and enjoy scrumptious scones with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam, Battenberg cakes and cucumber sandwiches with a choice of 15 varieties of tea. The art of high tea is executed to perfection at Tea Trails and is truly, to die for!

Afternoon Cream Tea

(7) Adam’s Peak

Tea Trails, your ideal basecamp for a dawn expedition to climb the famed 2250m Adam’s Peak holy mountain. Also known as the butterfly mountain and Sri Pada, A depression resembling a huge footprint has been identified by the Buddhists as the Buddha’s footprint, by Hindus as that of Shiva and by Muslims as Adam’s. Let Tea Trails pack you a lovely breakfast as you set off to climb this famed mountain to catch the sunrise that produces the famous spectacle of the Shadow of the Peak. Leave your Tea Trails bungalow at 0100 hours during the pilgrimage season (December – May) and at 0500 hours at other times with your very own Tea Trails travel guide who will accompany you throughout this unforgettable journey.

Adam's Peak

(8) Kandy

No visit to the Island is complete without a visit to the “Sacred city of Kandy”. A major city in Sri Lanka, Kandy is it second largest city in the country after Colombo. It is also the site of the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which is a famous pilgrimage site. Commonly known as the Shri Dalada Maligawa, the temple is believed to house the left canine tooth retrieved from the Buddha’s funeral pyre. Built in a small wooded valley around a lake created by King Sri Wickrama Ragasinghe (1803-1807), Kandy is full of charm and beauty. Enjoy a picturesque 2 hour drive from Ceylon Tea Trails and make a day of it as you depart around 8:00 am. You can even enjoy a scenic train ride, chugging through the tea country from Hatton station to Peradeniya. Depart Kandy at around 4:00 pm and relax and unwind at Tea Trails with some lovely tea cocktails prior to our gourmet dinner.


(9) A swim if you’re brave or just relax by the pool

All four bungalows boast of swimming pools. Summerville’s large infinity edge swimming pool overlooking the Castlereagh Reservoir with a unique and scenic environment, will help you relax and unwind. Tienstin comes with an infinity-edge pool with astounding views, surrounded by stylish and comfortable sun beds for ultimate relaxation. Sunbathe by the Norwood pool on our sun loungers or sit down with a good book until the sun goes down by the Castlereagh pool along with the cool breeze that sweeps across the mountains. Swim to the edge and fall in love with the tranquility of the view and the still of the pool water, a stunning, meditative effect.

Norwood Pool

(10) A good game of Tennis

“Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility”. Famous words of Billie Jean King (Former World No 1 tennis player). There is no better place to enjoy a challenging game of Tennis. Our Tientsin bungalow has a fast clay court and transport can be provided from other bungalows. Enjoy scrumptious afternoon high teas in gardens curiously English after your game served on the bungalow lawns by immaculately sarong clad “butlers”.


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