Introducing Yoga at Ceylon Tea Trails

“Yoga is philosophy in motion. There is no quick fix, no short cut, just a process, and in yoga the goal is the process” – Baron Baptiste.

Relax and unwind at Tea Trails as Yoga expert Andrew joins Tea Trails to introduce guests to a range of yoga techniques together with skillful massage.

Tientsin pool

With over 10 years of practicing the art of Yoga, Andrew will introduce you to his world of Yoga focusing on balance, breath, flow and movement to aid in body and mind openings. Andrew also brings a bodywork practice based on Thai Yoga massage, combining stretching and pressure as he amalgamates modalities to help the body unwind and release on deeper sub-tissue levels.

In the serene setting of Ceylon Tea Trails where personal attention is a priority, Andrew skilfully and joyfully delivers one-on-one and private group sessions. In addition to yoga and massage, Andrew can lead Vipassana meditation or Craniosacral sessions on request. He enjoys working with all levels and abilities from beginning yoga students to advanced practitioners, as well as with people who have specific therapeutic needs.

So this season at Tea Trails, bring the most important pieces of equipment you need for the perfect yoga session: your body and mind.


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