Daily News Sri Lanka : October 2013 : The Spice of Sri Lanka

High in the hills that rise above the town of Hatton, in the Bogawantalawa Valley, lies Ceylon Tea Trails, a cluster of four cottages owned by the Dilmah company. Fernando is extremely passionate about tea education. He opened the bungalows — formerly occupied by tea plantation owners — to guests keen to learn where their daily cup comes from.

Each bungalow contains its own kitchen, supervised by executive chef Wajira Gamage and his staff of local chefs, who create daily menus based on guests’ requests. “There are no written menus,” Gamage tells me. “If guests feel like curry, we present 10 curries.”

Among the most popular dishes is seer fish (kingfish) in coconut milk. The fish comes from the Negombo markets on the west coast, a two-hour drive away. Gamage leaves the plantations after midnight, arriving in time to meet the fishermen’s boats. He buys local grouper, mullet and seer fish, as well as yellow fin tuna and prawns for curries. Read more: Voyeur_ The Spice of Sri Lanka _ Daily News Online _ Sri Lanka’s National News

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