: September 2013: Idyllic Lakeside Hotels

While the ocean coasts of Sri Lanka are popular, you’ll want to head further inland to its breathtaking hill country and stay in one of the four restored colonial-era bungalows at Ceylon Tea Trails. Each building is divided into individual suites or can be booked entirely. Two of these bungalows—Castlereagh and Summerville —face each other on opposite shores of Castlereagh Lake. Built at an altitude of a bit more than 4,000 feet and dating back to 1925, Castlereagh is stunning, with parquet floors and fireplaces. But no matter which bungalow you choose, every day begins with, naturally, tea in bed while the staff draws you a bath.

At Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka’s tea country, where two of its four bungalows are located on the banks of Castlereagh Lake, guests can learn from the resort’s resident tea planter Andrew Taylor, a descendant of James Taylor—a Brit who introduced tea planting to Sri Lanka—who leads tours of the tea-making process. Just one of the ways Ceylon creates a site-defining experience, tea education joins other details, like croquet lawns outside every bungalow. Read more: Idyllic lakeside resorts by

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