DestinAsian Singapore : May 2014 : Just your cup of tea

In one valley near Adam’s Peak, tea pickers choose their route into the fields very carefully, so as not to disturb the spirits, says noted tea explorer Jeff Fuchs, author of The Ancient Tea Horse Road. “In another valley to the south, these women won’t go into the fields when they detect a certain smell. They say that means the earth is unhappy.” Fuchs will share his passion for the island and its cherished leaf as the host of a special 12-day tour organized by local travel experts Sri Lanka in Style. The Tea Journeywith Jeff Fuchs will take guests through tea growing valleys in central and southern Sri Lanka, introducing them to pickers and witherers, organizing daily tastings, and putting them up in tony, tea-oriented accommodations, including Summerville cottage, one of four colonial-era planter’s bungalows in the fertile Bogawantalawa Valley that comprise Ceylon Tea Trails ( Read More : Destinasaian TeaTrail 0614

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