Mr & Mrs Smith : May 2013 : Ceylon Tea Trails is a genuine slice of heaven.

In most all-inclusive stays I’ve been subjected to buffet-style elevated school dinners, so I prepare myself to be disappointed. Instead, we’re treated to the king of all curries – one fish, one lamb, 10 sambals, two types of rice and three chutneys – all washed down by the ever-present Lion beer. We retire impressed.

After a sumptuous breakfast the next day of more curry and stringhoppers – a local steamed-noodle specialty – we opt for a morning trek to walk it off. When you stay at Ceylon Tea Trails you’ll allowed to drink or dine at any of the hotel’s quartet of bungalows, dotted around the lake and surrounds, which makes being a guest here a stand-out experience. The walk from Castlereagh to Norwood villa takes in about 12 jaw-dropping kilometres, and on arrival we’re welcomed with cold hand towels. From our perch halfway up the hills, we can see the sprawling tea plantation below plunging towards the lake – the perfect spot for lunch. Imagine Italy’s Lake Como flanked by mountains and tea and you’re there!

As if by magic a car is waiting to take us on to Summerville, across the lake from our base at Castlereagh. With the humidity cranking up we relish sitting within the cool walls of Summerville, a spacious, more flowing style of bungalow close to the lake, reminiscent of an early Frank Lloyd Wright house. High tea? Why, thank you Dammit, don’t mind if we do…
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Mr and Mrs Smith

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