The Australian : February 2013 : High Tea in the Hills

Our destination is Tientsin, a bungalow in the Bogawantalawa Valley near Hatton, about 1400m above sea level. The self-contained house, shaded by African tulip trees and rebuilt by planter Irwin Stuart in 1939 on a site dating back to 1888, was named for the village in China from where tea seedlings were first imported to the highlands. The classic colonial bungalow is one of four on a linked circuit known as Tea Trails and run by Sri Lanka’s giant Dilmah corporation.

The bungalows each feature between four and six en-suite guestrooms and are scattered along a lofty route-from Tientsin, perched at the highest altitude, it’s 15km down to Norwood, from where it’s another 12km to Castlereagh and only 5.3km on to Summerville, the smallest, which has just had a garden pool added, in line with the other three. Read more: High tea in the hills _ The Australian

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