Wish Magazine: December 2012: High tea in old Ceylon

Wreathed in clouds and mists, a working tea estate in Sri Lanka’s Golden Valley is home to four impeccably restored plantation bungalows. You’re just in time for a cuppa.

Tea should be the colour of a good sherry, bright and lively,” muses Andrew Taylor, as he sucks, siphons and swirls a mouthful of tepid brew into the furthest crevices of his mouth while our small party watches raptly, hoping to pick up a few practical tips. Taylor has tannin coursing through his veins. The descendant of a venerable Sri Lankan tea planting family, he guides private tours of Dilmah’s Norwood factory for guests of Ceylon Tea Trails, four charming colonial-era plantation bungalows restored by Dilmah, and Sri Lanka’s sole Relais & Chateaux outpost. Read More:  Wish Magazine December 2012


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