Travel to the Ceylon Tea Trails bungalows by air on a journey with panoramic views of the lush misty tea estates while enjoy the most convenient transfer times.

Air transfers are booked on request and include transfers by scheduled or chartered seaplane (Cessna eight seater) or by Helicopter which seats four to seven. If the passenger load is full, luggage will require to be transported by road.

Travel duration

Travel time for both the scheduled and chartered seaplane is about 30 minutes from the Colombo Airport (Bandaranaike International Airport) while by helicopter the transfer takes about 45 minutes. If the transfer was conducted by land, it would be a journey of well over 4 hours by road.

It is a 30-minute journey by air to Cape Weligama from Ceylon Tea Trails via seaplane, landing at the Koggala Lake (which is 10 minutes away from Cape Weligama). This in comparison to a 5 – 6 hour journey by road.

If you prefer to travel over land, this service can also be arranged with a choice of a car, van, SUV or a luxury car.

Important to note

Flight operations can be affected by inclement weather and requires a minimum of 5 business days prior notice to arrange this service. Conditions apply.

How to arrange air or land transfers?

You may contact our reservations team by phone (+94 11 774 5730), email (reservations@resplendentceylon.com) or submit the following inquiry form to get assistance in arranging this service.