Dilmah Conservation

Our Core Commitment to Sustainability

Dilmah Conservation began its work in 2007, and is an important element in the Dilmah family’s commitment to making business a matter of human service.  At the time of conception, it had become clearly evident that human welfare and the environment were inextricably and critically intertwined.

Biodiversity conservation, environmental education, as well as research and development in the areas of sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation and heritage conservation, are all fundamentals of Dilmah Conservation’s purpose. Naturally, we have sought to make our operations carbon neutral. We believe that every individual, community and business has an irrevocable commitment to strive for a low-carbon economy.

Our Centre for Climate Change Research and Adaptation is the first private sector facility of its kind in the world. Its purpose is to research and identify practical solutions to help tea, rice and other farmers understand and adapt to the reality of climate change by bringing climate scientists, entrepreneurs and farmers to bridge the divide that exists in understanding the threat that a changing climate poses, while discussing solutions and opportunities in climate-smart agriculture and innovation.

The One Earth Urban Arboretum on the outskirts of Colombo is a living demonstration of nature’s life-sustaining function, with over 500 species of plants. Examples of sustainable agriculture from our past allow future leaders to understand clearly the critical importance of nature to the welfare and survival of future generations. On the 1st of January 2018, we uprooted hundreds of tea bushes for a good cause.  Dilmah Tea Gardens are integrating nature corridors to promote biological diversity, for instance, by allowing leopards in our Dunkeld and surrounding estates to roam, and for their populations to develop.




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