Hosted Tour of a Working Cinnamon Plantation

Sri Lanka supplies 90% of the World's "True Cinnamon"

Top House is a beautiful working cinnamon estate of 25 acres, just inland from Weligama and within a 10-minute drive of Cape Weligama. There the cinnamon grows on the steep slopes of a high hill in this cinnamon heartland. The main house is perched on the hilltop with spectacular views over the jungle to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south.

The experience is hosted by a British expat who passionately revived a cinnamon estate to produce export-quality cinnamon oil. The experience centres around showing how cinnamon is made, such as the planting, harvest, peeling and preparation of quills. It also explains cinnamon leaf bundling and the entire process of cinnamon oil extraction, as well as the surprising uses of this very special oil. It demonstrates an eco-friendly and perfectly self-sustaining farming process, with every part of the plant used or recycled, and a completely natural and health-giving result.

The experience ends with refreshments at the host’s villa and an option to have lunch at the villa is also recommended.

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