The faces of the Galle Fort – Hosted Walk

The earliest records of Galle date back to Ptolemy's maps of 125-150 AD

The walk focuses on the host’s experience of growing up in the Galle Fort and presenting it not as a tourist attraction, but an extension of his “home” – a home filled with history, heritage, cultural integration and soul.  Through his eyes and narrative, explore the layers of social fabric of a multi-ethnic melting pot of why Galle Fort is significant to world heritage. Your host may bump into other locals who make up the tapestry of personalities that gives the “living” Fort its vibrancy and character.  Visit historic points of interests, like ancient churches, mosques and museums, walk the Fort’s ramparts at sunset, and explore the cobblestone streets. Walk the nooks and crannies not on the commercial tourist routes and soak up the vibe of one of the most unique places in the world.

Our host is a resident of the Galle Fort and as is typical with most Fort residents, comprises of diverse ethnic and religious background. He is a direct descendant of one of the first gem merchants of the Fort – Sri Lankan gems were a key draw (along with spices) for merchants and tourists during the Fort’s glory days centuries ago.

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