Kumbuk Cafe

Al-fresco breakfast, village-style

A must-try Cape Weligama breakfast option to immerse guests into traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. The menu is designed for the traveller who is curious about authentic local fare and isn’t shy about being ravenous. On offer is a taste bud-teasing spectrum of savoury, spicy, and sweet flavours. Our chefs will introduce key items on the menu to you and describe how they are made and highlight those that are a key component of local culture.

The Kumbuk Breakfast is a great way for guests to try local food. The menu includes famous items like hoppers and pittu, as well as those that do not make their way onto most commercial menus such as “mung-kiri-bath” (milk rice with added mung-beans) and “habala-pethi” (parboiled flat rice flakes that are soaked and infused with coconut and sugar!). Topped off with “yaara the” which is our most theatrical (and arguably delicious!) way of making tea.  The setting is designed like a typical village home and chefs are on hand to explain the unique menu and cultural significance to guests.

7.00 am - 9.00 am
Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine
Al fresco dining
Prior reservations essential
Contact 041 225 3000

Cape Weligama Dining

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