Resplendent Journey – An Island of Flavours

Embark on a culinary journey that explores the origin of our local cuisine. This is your invitation to experience it from farm to table.

While the coastal regions will see a multitude of influences from traders, colonists and explorers alike, the purity of our island’s heirloom culinary heritage lies in its techniques and ingredients. Our fare remains wholesome, community-sourced and flavoursome, accompanied by a tasting of liquid aperitifs. Infusions of local spirits and top-shelf staples using indeginous herbs and spices concocted and garnished with unadulterated passion to delight our guests at each of our resorts.


Below is a sample journey spanning 10-nights that brings the best of Sri Lankan cuisine to life with our recommended experiences, private transfers, and intimate accommodation.







Stay in our 3 luxurious Relais & Chateaux properties

DAY 1-3

Ceylon Tea Trails

Life in the hills is centered upon homegrown Ceylon tea. On your journey at our planters’ bungalows, you’ll find many of the experiences to be tea inspired and also focused on the freshness of local homegrown produce. From an interactive private tea tasting to a tea infused dinner that appeals to both the intellectual curiosity as well as the palate of any gourmet, the cool and nutritive environment with abundant fresh water streams nourish the bountiful seasonal produce, yielding an offering that is linked to grounded intention and a deep sense of purpose.

Day 1

Private Tea Tasting

Day 2

Tea Infused Dinner

Day 3

Planter’s Lunch

DAY 4-6

Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Experiencing local cuisine is an integral part of visiting Wild Coast Tented Lodge. We’d like to think of each plate, every dish, the ingredients used from the lake fish to the grains and pulses of the southeast coast as an expression, an indication of its connection to nature and our island home. The shifting sands of the rising dunes and deep blue ocean beyond set the stage for a picnic or a gourmet candlelight dinner. Satiate in an indulgent addition to an afternoon in the wild with a high tea experience by a picturesque lake. No two meals are alike; each a visual and gastronomical representation and celebration of seasonal fresh flavours.

Day 4

Dune Dining

Day 5

Afternoon High Tea

Day 6

Discover Sri Lankan Cuisine

DAY 7-10

Cape Weligama

Tastes, smells and textures can be highly evocative, moody even and bring back memories of not just eating food itself, but also when, where and with whom such was shared. When you experience the food and fare at Cape Weligama, you embark on an epicurean journey that is inspired by the fresh harvest from the ocean and tropical fruits found in the southern coastal regions of our island. The menu at Kumbuk is designed for the traveller curious about authentic local fare. Experience Tableau, Cape’s signature dining experience that delivers a fascinating narrative on each chef’s style, inspiration and food philosophy. Discover a new set of memories and moments that you’ll come to savour and cherish in time.

Day 8

Heritage Breakfast at Kumbuk

Day 9


Day 10

Cliff Edge Dining

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