Conserving the Peak Ridge Forest Corridor

Resplendent Ceylon, the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT), Dilmah Tea and several other tea estates have embarked on a ground-breaking private sector collaboration to protect Leopards in the Sri Lankan tea highlands. The initiative not only includes a multi-stakeholder collaboration but is the birth of a financial model where conservation efforts can be funded

Sri Lanka is Open

Last year, we told a story of resilience together with IFilm Sri Lanka. We have remained hopeful – and the tomorrow we spoke of is finally here. After 10 months, Sri Lanka opens for foreign travellers with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation, with open arms and open hearts. Please click above to watch

Luxury Voices Part 3: Malik’s Vision for Resplendent Ceylon

Malik and Joanne speak about Resplendent Ceylon’s remarkable run last year, receiving numerous awards and being recognised by prestigious publications. Malik also explains the importance of guest feedback and talks about his vision for Resplendent Ceylon. Joanne Tang: Talking about awards and recognitions, Resplendent Ceylon resorts did remarkably well and placed three, five and eight


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