Best Hikes in Sri Lanka

    It seems like the ideal time to be venturing beyond your comfort zones and exploring the great outdoors even if it’s on a little island like ours. From forest reserves to rocky mountain scapes, ancient kingdoms to tea valleys, there’s something for even the most amateur hiker. Don on your gear and trail across some

    48 Hours in Colombo

    It’s tough to keep up with all the development and changes within the city of Colombo. However, spending some time in the capital of our island comes with its fair share of exploration and excitement in a multitude of aspects including culture, food and its people. Here’s how you could spend your 48 hours in

    Elephants, the Architects of the Wild

    Sri Lankan elephants (Elephas maximus maximus), the largest of the Asian elephant sub-species are true ‘ecosystem engineers’ or keystone species, although comparatively smaller than their African counterparts. Keystone species like elephants are those that have a significant impact on the ecosystems they are a part of in comparison to their populations. This essentially means the

    Sri Lanka is Open

    Last year, we told a story of resilience together with IFilm Sri Lanka. We have remained hopeful – and the tomorrow we spoke of is finally here. After 10 months, Sri Lanka opens for foreign travellers with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation, with open arms and open hearts. Please click above to watch


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