Growing Our Own Produce

    Whilst the disruptions and restrictions to the global supply chain and local import regulations challenge the structure of the food chain for the hotel and tourism industry, we’d like to believe it has also encouraged us, or rather coaxed us, into exploring indigenous ingredients and curating menus primarily focused on hyperlocal produce.  We’ve taken the

    The Art of Forest Bathing

    Allow. Release. Let go.  Immersing yourself in nature can surprisingly be far more beneficial than we think. From the sounds to the sights, being outdoors and deepening our connection with the natural world can yield a wide variety of mental, physical as well as spiritual benefits.  Forest bathing, the idea of absorbing nature’s atmosphere, is

    Hyperlocal Cocktails

    Discover the Ten Tuskers Bar at Wild Coast Tented Lodge, that features handcrafted cocktails with hyperlocal ingredients.  Sit alongside the pool, overlooking the deep blue Indian Ocean and allow yourself to journey across a tasting of temperamental liquid aperitifs. The space crowned by a large bamboo chandelier sets the tone for an evening of drinks


    Ground. Find your center. Breathe. Breathe again. And again.    As yet another year comes to an end, it is apparent we’ve plenty of challenges that continue to compromise our ideal sense of living. A global pandemic. Climate change. World hunger. Literacy. Preserving heritage and culture. Humanity.  We all look to fresh starts, the beginning


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