Jungle Chronicles

The world is a little quieter with travel restrictions in place at the moment – but the rhythm of Sri Lanka’s jungle carries on unabated. So, the rangers at Wild Coast Lodge are putting together a series of short IGTV videos called “The Jungle Chronicles” to bring the wilderness to you.

The Jungle Chronicles will examine animal behavior and habits, share footage of wildlife that frequent our lodge, and even publish quizzes and fun activities for kids to engage with. Until we have the green light to once again be amazed at the dexterity of a 3-tonne elephant from just a few feet away, or experience the chatter and tension of the jungle when a leopard is making its territory-marking round, enjoy the wilderness through the eyes of our rangers through our videos!

The first two videos are live, and both feature the young of two species at the opposite ends of the size spectrum.

Learning How to Elephant

Dom, a Wild Coast Lodge ranger, introduces us to how baby elephants learn essential life skills as part of their behavioural development.

The Purple Sunbirds

On this episode of Jungle Chronicles, Dom discovers a nest of a pair of Purple Sunbirds – watch until the end for a heart-warming surprise!

Monkey Business

Ranger Grace introduces you to this fascinating and extremely entertaining species and examines some of their behavioral traits.

Full House at Wild Coast

Clearly the last post on Monkey Business has created quite a stir.

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