Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Hyperlocal Cocktails

Discover the Ten Tuskers Bar at Wild Coast Tented Lodge, that features handcrafted cocktails with hyperlocal ingredients.  Sit alongside the pool, overlooking the deep blue Indian Ocean and allow yourself to journey across a tasting of temperamental liquid aperitifs. The space crowned by a large bamboo chandelier sets the tone for an evening of drinks

Five Things to Know About Yala’s Geology

Ruhuna, the home of Yala, was home to a community pulsating with life and a landscape teeming with lush flora and fauna.  At present, not much has changed. The community still thrives as does the wondrous nature around it, from the pockets of dense forestry to the plains allowing for observing animals with ease, the

Our Food Philosophy 

Experiencing local cuisine is an integral part of visiting Wild Coast Tented Lodge. We’d like to think of each plate, every dish, the ingredients used as an expression, an indication of its connection to nature, our island home and the progressive creativity of our chefs.  Our offering is linked to both grounded intention and a

Smitten with Sri Lanka

With international travel to Sri Lanka now an absolute possibility, Rebecca Recommends took a little trip down memory lane to share their experiences of travelling across this incredible country in anticipation of a long-awaited return. Now, sit back, perhaps with a cup of Ceylon tea, and read on for the many highlights of their serendipitous stay in Sri


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