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The complementary guided tour of Dilmah Tea’s Dunkeld Tea Factory is the quintessential tea experience in Sri Lanka. Our experiences are carefully curated to offer an authentic, intimate and exploratory journey into the heart, soul, history, and gastronomy of this magical island. We also offer activities with healthy doses of fun, adventure and pampering, along with a holistic wellness offering for guests to escape their urban life and soothe mind, body, and soul. A selection of engaging activities for families – with a special selection for kids – are on hand as well, to round out the perfect getaway.

* All experiences will be subject to availability and weather conditions if relevant.

The Essential Tea Experience

The guided tour of the Dunkeld Tea Factory is the quintessential tea experience in Sri Lanka. Our resident Tea Planter passionately delves into all aspects of tea in just the right amount of detail.

Tea Planter's Picnic Lunch

In the early days of the tea industry, before motorized travel came to its assistance, tea planters conducted field inspections across a vast area of tea fields and forest, either on foot or horseback.

Private Tea Tasting with Bernard Holsinger

An interactive and guided experience where guests will taste and learn to identify (and appreciate!) the unique flavor profiles that give different teas their distinction. Bernard is the resident tea planter at Tea Trails and brings with him a wealth of experience, complemented with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek wit.

Tea Infused Dinner

Bringing together the subtle influences of the flavours of tea (not to mention the health benefit), the Tea Infused Dinner is a signature culinary experience unique to Tea Trails. Teas grown in various areas of Sri Lanka have distinctly different flavour profiles, and each lends a different effect to types of ingredients and methods of preparation.

Adam’s Peak Climb

The climb takes approximately three and a half hours (the way is paved with steps) and the trail is flanked by the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary – one of Sri Lanka’s highest protected forest reserves. Views from the top are stunning, especially early morning as the warmth of dawn lights up the country in an endless vista of forests, valleys, mountains and lakes.

Guided Nature Experiences

A collection of forest reserves and national parks in the hill country make for interesting excursions for the nature-lover. Horton Plains National Park comprises of montane grassland and cloud forest, and is home to many endemic species of both flora and fauna.

Research Station for Leopard and Climate Change at Dunkeld

Visitors are encouraged to visit the research station located next to Dunkeld tea factory and learn about these fascinating, elusive, threatened cats, their habits and the conservation efforts we are supporting.

Kayaking on Castlereagh Lake

Enjoy magnificent views of tea-carpeted mountains as you paddle along the Castlereagh lake in hi-spec kayaks. Mornings are the most beautiful as the weather is often fairer and the sun breaks through to gleam over the glassy water, and the foreboding mountains surrounding the lake emerge from the thinning mist.

Scenic Walks and Hikes

The five bungalows features walking trails between them, many of which present stunning views. The trails snake through beautifully manicured tea gardens, tranquil patches of forest and jungle, and pass streams and mini waterfalls.

Mountain Biking

Ceylon Tea Trails has opened up a world of adventure and discovery in the Bogawantalawa Valley at an altitude of over 1500 meters. The unspoiled beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills are a great biking experience.


Play Tennis at Tientsin Bungalow’s clay court, reminiscent of British planters having an afternoon game after a hard morning in the fields and factory.

In-Room Spa Treatments and Luxury Baths

A variety of spa treatments and luxury baths await the tired traveler in the privacy and comfort of your room.

Junior Chef

We have a collection of yummy, interactive and immersive culinary experiences for kids with a local twist, tailored for various age levels. Kids enjoy making the local favourite “coconut and treacle pancakes”, or coconut and cinnamon cookies.

Heritage City Excursions – Kandy

The day trip to Kandy is in the company of a Tea Trails resident naturalist and the first stop is at Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. A picnic lunch in the gardens ensues followed by a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Guests also have the option of making part of the commute by train, and the train ride is one of the most scenic as it winds its way along lush green mountains with vistas across valleys below.

Heritage City Excursions – Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is where old-world English architecture meets an evolving city striving to define a new identity, with old symbols of British Heritage standing strong. One of these is the “Hill Club” – a castle-like private resort that was once a bastion of leisure and lifestyle or the elite. Visitors are welcome for a brief tour and a spot of tea on the lawn.

White Water Rafting – Kitulgala

After coming off the slopes of Adam's Peak, the clear waters of the Kelani River wind their way through the Hill Country of Sri Lanka before emptying into the Indian Ocean. Your adventure starts at a beautiful nature base in Kitulgala about 1.5 hours from Ceylon Tea Trails.

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