Adam’s Peak Climb

The sacred footprint

There is probably no mountain anywhere more famous than Sri Pada – Adam’s Peak (7362 ft/2250m) for reasons that are cultural and spiritual. It is sacred to three religions at least; to Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus.  The mountain is signified by a large depression on the summit that resembles a “foot” to which all three religions draw significance.

The climb takes approximately three and a half hours (the way is paved with steps) and the trail is flanked by the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary – one of Sri Lanka’s highest protected forest reserves. Views from the top are stunning, especially early morning as the warmth of dawn lights up the country in an endless vista of forests, valleys, mountains and lakes.
The “season” to climb is from December to April where pilgrims begin their climb shortly after midnight in order to summit at sunrise. Year-round climbs during the day are possible, although sporadic rainy weather and mist is to be expected.

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