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From the living tea carpeted mountains of Hatton to the winding rapids in Kitulgala

Ceylon Tea Trails has opened up a world of adventure and discovery in the Bogawantalawa Valley. The unspoiled beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills are an unparalleled biking, hiking and walking experience. Pristine trails through immaculate tea gardens, at an altitude of over 1500 metres, provide a wide array of activities for different levels of ability.

Experience the varied landscapes, exotic flora, abundant birdlife and the sweet rhythm of life in a tea garden. A leisurely walk, an adventure trek or a challenging workout with class III rapids in Kitulgala, or a hike to Adams Peak provide rewards of vistas of mountains, manicured tea gardens, forests and doll’s house villages. Discover the beautiful Ceylon tea country and its many unique experiences with a stay at Ceylon Tea Trails.

Scenic surroundings overlooking the Castlereagh Lake in Hatton, Sri Lanka.

Scenic Walks

Walking is the most ancient exercise, still known to be the best. Enjoy a leisurely walk, breathing in the fresh mountain air and experience the exotic flora and varied landscapes around you. Enjoy the stunning views of the Castlereagh Lake and beautifully carpeted tea mountains along marked trails either with your loved ones or a guide provided by Tea Trails. Free your mind and awaken the spirit, that’s the beauty of a scenic amble through tea country. You can even enjoy a stroll from one Tea Trails bungalow to another and enjoy a nice cuppa or meal.

Kayaking on Castlereagh Lake in Hatton, Sri Lanka.

Kayaking on Castlereagh Lake

Enjoy magnificent views of tea-carpeted mountains as you paddle along the Castlereagh lake in hi-spec kayaks. Mornings are the most beautiful as the sun breaks through to gleam over the glassy water, and the tea carpeted mountains surrounding the lake emerge from the thinning mist.

Ariel view of Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak climb

Tea Trails is your ideal basecamp for a dawn expedition to climb the famed 2250m Adam’s Peak holy mountain. It is also known as the butterfly mountain and Sri Pada. A depression resembling a huge footprint has been identified by the Buddhists as the Buddha’s footprint, by Hindus as that of Shiva and by Muslims as Adam’s. Let Tea Trails pack you a lovely breakfast as you set off to climb this famed mountain to catch the sunrise that produces the famous spectacle of the Shadow of the Peak. Leave your Tea Trails bungalow at 0100 hours during the pilgrimage season (December – May) and at 0500 hours at other times to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

White water rafting in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka.

White Water Rafting in Kitulgala

After coming off the slopes of Adam’s Peak, the clear waters of the Kelani River wind their way through the Hill Country of Sri Lanka before emptying into the Indian Ocean. Your adventure starts at a beautiful nature base in Kitulgala about 1.5 hours from Ceylon Tea Trails. After a safety briefing and a few pointers on rafting technique, you’ll jump right into the action. Seven high quality, class III rapids and warm water make the Kelani a premier introduction to the sport.

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