Enroute to Wild Coast – Mankada Pottery Centre

Mankada is an initiative of the MJF Charitable Foundation, and was set up to support and empower marginalised communities living on the periphery of the Udawalawe National Park in southeastern Sri Lanka.  The MJF Foundation has trained, equipped and mentored the community in its transformation from unskilled labour to craftsmen with the associated benefits to quality of life and income. Mankada produces one of a kind handmade terracotta kitchenware, replicas of animals, pendants, mugs, teapots, tea bag holders and a variety of beautiful and original craft. The art is inspired by the Udawalawe National Park in the vicinity, home to many species of fauna and flora, especially elephants. A typical Sri Lanka lunch can be arranged for Resplendent Ceylon guests. A worthwhile visit to positively impact communities through tourism.

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