Exclusive Birding Experience

Introducing our version of “birding” – fun, informative and with a dash of style!

Spend a morning in the company of one of our rangers (a birding specialist) in Sri Lanka’s foremost national park for bird watching.  Bundala National Park’s wetland and saltern habitat is home to a large collection of resident birds, as well as migrants that visit every winter, from waders to raptors.
Our ranger will provide an interesting narrative by guiding you on the individual species that are visible as well as an overview of how individual birds are identified, about behavioral and migration patterns, and also give a description of the wetland ecosystem as a unique and important habitat. Our aim is to open the magical world of “birding” to you and convert you into an avid “birder.”
Sightings of other key species such as elephant, crocodiles, wild boar, buffalo, spotted deer, and terrestrial birds can be expected.
A picnic breakfast at a scenic location in the park caps off the morning!

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