Watering holes

The paw print of a leopard stalking through the site

The tents have been positioned around 5 large clay lined ponds which have been positioned to represent the paw print of a leopard stalking through the site. The four Pool Cocoons look towards the beach but each of the inland tents has a cantilevered deck looking out over the pond it shares with its neighbours, to allow guests to enjoy their own safari experience from the comfort of their room.

Each water hole is lined with locally sourced clay, tiered to provide different water depths and access locations for the wildlife. The ponds are fed with the recycled waste water from the lodge to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Stone cairns and driftwood positioned in and around the water bodies provide a diverse range of habitats for the endemic freshwater fish and crustaceans that colonize them (and eat the mosquito larvae). The tiered access points allow wild boar, elephants and buffalo to come to the waters edge. Nesting trees have been planted around all of the ponds to encourage Peacocks, Bea eaters and Pelicans to visit the ponds.

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