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06 Jun 2023
07 Jun 2023

Summer at Tea Trails

We invite you to stay at one of our planters’ bungalows at Ceylon Tea Trails and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, with personalized service, a private chef and butler and a plethora of activities to choose from. Save 15% off your stay, with an additional 30% saving on all spa treatments. A complimentary upgrade to the next available room category at the point of booking will be provided. In addition, if you are travelling with family, there will be no extra charge for one child below the age of 12. The following activities will also be provided, to make this summer memorable and educational. A daily activity from one of the experiences below will be provided, and rotated on an intermittent basis.

Bloom and Grow– Our seaside resort is home to 12 acres of land, some of which is now being used to garden and harvest fresh produce. This is an engaging and wholesome activity for the entire family. Learn about preparing the soil, planting, mulching, watering and weeding. Develop new skills and learn about the science behind growing your own produce. This activity is hosted every Friday.

Upcycle– Are you socially and environmentally conscious? At our bungalows, waste of all kinds is segregated so that they can be repurposed, recycled or discarded in a purposeful manner. Some of the materials including glass, metals, beads and wires can be upcycled into crafts, including jewellery. Additional materials including paints, glue, and paper can be supplied upon request.

Bird Watching – A broad spectrum of biodiversity exists in the Central Highlands – especially ours – as the plantations are interspersed with forest patches that are home to a variety of endemic birds. Our naturalist will offer an in-depth narrative to the surrounding fauna, share insights on bird behaviour and calls, and sit and sketch any sightings of the day. Join in on this leisurely experience. You will be provided with binoculars, a sketch pad and colour pencils. Take a few breaks to enjoy some refreshments – picnic style too!

Colour in Nature – The great outdoors surrounding our bungalows sets the perfect backdrop for painting. Show off your artistic skills and take part in your choice of a watercolour or acrylic paint. Easels, paints and canvases will be provided.

Tracks – Learn about the wilderness of the Central Highlands and the leopards that roam the land. Explore the surroundings in the company of an expert naturalist, who will point out visible animals as well as identify animal tracks and scat along the way. This experience is hosted on Mondays and is a great activity for the entire family.

Sail and Fish – As one of the most popular outdoor summer activities, experience fishing on the Castlereagh Lake with your own handmade fishing rods. Our expert naturalists will guide you through the process of making these rods out of bamboo and nylon thread. This fun and interactive experience is for the entire family and hosted on Tuesdays.


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06 Jun 2023
07 Jun 2023

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