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Our jungle philosophy

Wild Coast Lodge redefines “safari” as a holistic wilderness experience. We are blessed with diverse habitat, ecology and scenery across the five sectors of the Yala National Park Complex and Bundala National Park which is a Ramsar Wetland. We aspire to showcase the entire spectrum of nature – while leopards play a leading role in our theatre of the wild, they are not the only actor on our stage – from our geology, botanical diversity, critters, mammals, birds and reptiles. But that’s just part of the story. Steeped in the jungles of our surrounding national parks are remnants of civilisations past, and ancient jungle monasteries, archaeological sites and places of worship that date back to mythical eras of the gods.

* All experiences will be subject to availability and weather conditions if relevant.

Guided Nature Walk

Our guided nature walk, in the company of a qualified and trained Wild Coast Lodge ranger, is a signature experience. A Nature walk is, without a doubt, the most immersive and interesting way to appreciate the wilderness.

Game Drives

Surrounding Wild Coast Tented Lodge is a portfolio of habitats ranging from shrub jungle, plains, wetlands and riverine forests that offer rich array of biodiversity as well as ecological and geological variations. Explore this wilderness with our Safari game drives, guided by our passionate ranger team.

Jungle Afternoon Tea

Taking the art of wilderness dining to a new level, our high-tea experience in the jungle is truly special. Our team will pick a beautiful spot near a river, by a waterhole or with a scenic vista.

Rural Bike Exploration

Guided by one of our rangers, explore the nearby village of Kirinda which sits between the Yala and Bundala National Parks. Kirinda is a small fishing town with a vast expanse of rice fields, lakes and quaint village life.

Cook Your Own Lunch

The WCL version of the Sri Lankan cookery class – a more hands-on introduction to Sri Lankan food. Guests get to mix their own spices, season their ingredients and cook their own lunch, under the watchful eye and instruction of Chef Ranil

Jungle Wellness

We have a series of options for guests to keep their metabolisms in gear during their stay at Wild Coast Lodge.

Visit to Jungle Monastery – Sithulpawwa

Sithulpawwa is an ancient Buddhist monastery, believed to date back to 2nd century BC. The monastery straddles a collection of rocky outcrops and caves deep in the heart of Yala National Park. There are said to be hundreds of caves and shelters within and around the complex, that have housed monks (for centuries) who came to the site to further their education as well as to meditate.

Visit Kataragama

Kataragama is a temple complex dedicated to Buddhist guardian deity “Kataragama deviyo” and Hindu War God Kathirkamam. It is one of the few religious sites in Sri Lanka that is venerated by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and the Vedda people.

Junior Chef

We have a collection of yummy, interactive and immersive culinary experiences for kids with a local twist, tailored for various age levels. Kids enjoy making the local favourite “coconut and treacle pancakes”, or coconut and cinnamon cookies.

Enroute to Wild Coast - Mankada Pottery Centre

Mankada is an initiative of the MJF Charitable Foundation, and was set up to support and empower marginalised communities living on the periphery of the Udawalawe National Park in southeastern Sri Lanka.

Exclusive Birding Experience

A privately guided experience to learn about the fascinating world of birds - how to identify them, their migratory and breeding patterns, and the different habitats they thrive in. The experience is most often in Bundala National Park – a Ramsar Wetland famous for birding.

Enroute to Wild Coast - Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home

En route to Wild Coast Lodge from Ceylon Tea Trails, stop midway at the Dilmah supported Elephant Transit Home (ETH) at Uda Walawe National Park which cares for orphaned elephants – many of whom are calves.

Junior Ranger

Our Junior Ranger program introduces multiple aspects of the joys of the wilderness to kids of all ages. A feature experience is Camping 101 (targeted at ages 10 and above). Guided by a Wild Coast ranger, kids will learn how to set up a campsite – pitching a tent, build a campfire, and safety measures they must take.

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