Crafting Hands of the South

Deeply connected to Sri Lanka’s ancient history and folklore tales, the art of wooden mask making is a craft that has been passed down generation by generation. Masks are also a distinct element in traditional processions and festivals. Elaborate stories are typically related by dancers wearing masks and are often used during healing rites as

Tea and Opium: Liquid Jade and the Fruit of the Poppy

It is a singular irony that Tea, unarguably the most healthy beverage in the world next to water, should share a common history with Opium, the curse of many societies across the world for several centuries, particularly China; equally ironical is that China, the original fount of tea, should have paid for Opium with Tea,

Five Ways to Identify Animal Tracks

A guided nature or bush walk during your stay at Wild Coast Tented Lodge is a signature experience. In the company of a qualified and trained ranger, this is, without a doubt, the most immersive and interesting way to appreciate the wilderness. Identifying tracks and signs of the jungle brings the wilderness to life.  During

Five Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka in 2022

Sri Lanka is experiencing a sea change. It is at times like this we believe our strengths and a sense of renewal comes to the fore. Here are five reasons why a traveller should visit our island home now: The Resplendent Ceylon resorts Ceylon Tea Trails, Wild Coast Tented Lodge and Cape Weligama, continue to

Revitalising Our Oceans

The ocean and our livelihoods are inextricably linked; more so in our beautiful island home of Sri Lanka. While the impacts of climate change and unsustainable seafood harvesting threaten the livelihoods of local fisherman, Dilmah Conservation, our conservation partner, is changing this.   Seaweed is an often overlooked product of our oceans, especially in Sri

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