The Essential Grain 

The skies awaken as darkness turns to light. The morning rays of sun touch the tops and peek through the coconut trees, creating shadows of play. Across the paddy fields, the atmosphere shines golden and bright.  The day has begun.  Rice is an important crop of Sri Lanka and occupies a large percentage of land.

Five Things the Wilderness Has Taught Us

We strive to imitate the magnificent tranquility that exists in the wilderness every day. As each day goes by, we begin to understand how dependent we are on the environment and space that surrounds us.  The wilderness as we see it serves as our foundation and resolve. Here are five wonderful life lessons it has

Discovering Sri Lanka

If you’ve seen Sri Lanka in the headlines in recent months, you’re probably aware that the country has been sinking deeper into the worst economic crisis it has ever seen. The capital, Colombo, has seen months of protests due to rising food prices and fuel shortages as the Sri Lankan people are tired of the

Crafting Hands of the South

Deeply connected to Sri Lanka’s ancient history and folklore tales, the art of wooden mask making is a craft that has been passed down generation by generation. Masks are also a distinct element in traditional processions and festivals. Elaborate stories are typically related by dancers wearing masks and are often used during healing rites as

Tea and Opium: Liquid Jade and the Fruit of the Poppy

It is a singular irony that Tea, unarguably the most healthy beverage in the world next to water, should share a common history with Opium, the curse of many societies across the world for several centuries, particularly China; equally ironical is that China, the original fount of tea, should have paid for Opium with Tea,

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