Five Reasons Why You Should Safari in Sri Lanka

There’s no shortage of incredible wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka. Regardless of where you may be on our island, you’ll come to discover 27 different national parks, scattered across diverse landscapes, plains and terrains. As a whole, the rich biodiversity and high density of endemism has proven to be one of the many reasons why

48 Hours in Colombo

It’s tough to keep up with all the development and changes within the city of Colombo. However, spending some time in the capital of our island comes with its fair share of exploration and excitement in a multitude of aspects including culture, food and its people. Here’s how you could spend your 48 hours in

Our Food Philosophy 

Experiencing local cuisine is an integral part of visiting Wild Coast Tented Lodge. We’d like to think of each plate, every dish, the ingredients used as an expression, an indication of its connection to nature, our island home and the progressive creativity of our chefs.  Our offering is linked to both grounded intention and a

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