August 18, 2023

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby to explore one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic properties: Ceylon Tea Trails

We are delighted to announce that our renowned property in Sri Lanka’s hill country, Ceylon Tea Trails is set to appear in the globally recognised BBC series, BBC Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby. Resplendent Ceylon (part of the Relais & Chateaux group) was formed to create and manage a number of small, luxury resorts, tracing a unique trail across Sri Lanka. perched at an altitude of 1,250m, bordering Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands World Heritage site, Ceylon Tea Trails is the brand’s flagship property, comprising of five historic bungalows and a private one-bedroom cottage set amidst 2,000 acres of lush tea plantation. From Summerville’s tranquil lakeside charm to Tientsin’s elegance, the bungalows are named after their past occupants, preserving the stories of their yesteryears.

Tea Trails is all about the time-honored traditions that chef Monica Galletti and Rob Rinder will enjoy plenty of. Think roaring fires and the comfort of a single malt whisky while the mists roll in or a stiff gin and tonic after a long day’s walk in the tea gardens. As always, the presenters also got hands-on and behind-the-scenes cooking and savouring traditional culinary favourites, tracking local wildlife to ensure its preservation and exploring the majestic landscape that the property sits on. 

Managing Director, Malik Fernando shares: ‘After a tough few years, Sri Lanka is finally coming back to life and we could not be more excited to be representing the best of what our motherland has to offer through this iconic series.’ 

The documentary will also shine a light on the Fernando family’s dedication to the island of Sri Lanka through their extensive charity work as the largest humanitarian donors on the island, with 15% of all profits being funneled back into community, environment, and wildlife. 

To watch: Ceylon Tea Trails will appeared on Amazing Hotels: Life Behind the Lobby on BBC Two on Sunday 3rd September. 


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