October 2, 2019

Baby Dilmah’s Birthday!

Dilmah Wildlife Conservation has supported the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) in Udawalawe National Park since 2007 through many initiatives. Most recently, they sponsor ‘Baby Dilmah’, a calf found orphaned in Mattala by the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) after her mother died of serious human-inflicted injuries. Baby Dilmah is one of the two orphaned elephant calves currently being sponsored by Dilmah Conservation; she along with many other injured and displaced young elephants are looked after with minimum human interaction until they are old enough to be returned to the wild.

Baby Dilmah has come a long way since then and has grown into a happy-go-lucky baby elephant who is well cared for by the DWC staff. In appreciation of their valiant efforts and in celebration of Baby Dilmah’s special day, we celebrated her 2nd birthday at the ETH together with Dilmah’s staff.

We invite you to learn about the unique ecological role that elephants play, and encourage others around you to help these ‘gentle giants’ find a safe environment where they coexist with us. We can arrange excursions to the ETH from all three of our resorts; it also serves as an ideal stopover when traveling between our resorts.

You too can be foster a baby elephant like our little Baby Dilmah. Find out more here: http://www.eth.dwc.gov.lk/?page_id=1450