January 9, 2023

Creativity, Collaboration and Community Through Cuisine

Act One

If you’ve ever been inside a conventional kitchen of a hotel or resort, you’d understand the dynamics between the ingredients at hand and the chefs who exuberate control and creativity. 


There’s a sense of brotherhood amongst one another. 



Passionate individuals coming together. 

Contributing their unique skills.

And most importantly,

Mutual understanding.

But for someone like me who had never stepped into such an atmosphere before, it was a beguiling introduction to what goes on behind-the-scenes. 


It almost looked like a dance. A theatrical experience of sorts. 


A symphony of sounds. 

Aromas that tantalised the senses. 

Visuals that piqued interest. 

Perhaps even teased hunger. 

Seeking new flavours and textures. 

Pushing the boundaries of each experiment and execution. 

All combined to create a one of a kind progressive gastronomical experience. 


Act Two





The eyes wander across the host of colours. 

The layout of ingredients. 


Presentation to intoxicate vision. 

Until at last, a taste. 


A bite. 

An exploration of textures. 

Soft. Buttery. Smooth. 

Flavoursome. Crunchy. 

Moist. Succulent. Juicy. 

An explosion of flavour with each mouthful. 


A trigger, of not just a sense of pleasure,

But also of emotions, memories. 

A palatable journey that takes you back to the yesteryears;

Visiting the market, 

Home-cooked meals,

Your grandmother’s kitchen,

The sights and the sounds. 

Laughter. Joy. 

It all comes back. 

It comes back in a flurry of taste, flavour and texture.

A celebration of our land. 

Connecting nature and nutrition. 

Modern, yet rooted in heritage. 

Art and gastronomy. 

Slow food.