February 15, 2024

Embrace the Spirit of Avurudu

As the month of April approaches, the air in Sri Lanka becomes infused with anticipation, joy and a vibrant cultural energy that marks the beginning of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, locally known as Avurudu. This jubilant celebration isn’t just about turning the calendar page; it’s a rich tapestry of traditions, an embodiment of hope, prosperity, and renewal.

Picture yourself at the heart of the Avurudu celebrations, where the air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers and the laughter of delighted guests and staff. Our Avurudu Festival area is reminiscent of a carnival – a kaleidoscope of colours, sounds, and experiences. The festivities commence with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp, a symbol of the hope that this new year brings. Following this, the milk boiling ceremony takes centre stage. It’s a sight to behold as milk is simmered until it overflows, a beautiful metaphor for the prosperity that the year ahead holds.

If you visit our resorts during Sinhala and Tamil New Year, your Avurudu experience at Resplendent Ceylon will mirror what was showcased on Ceylon Tea Trails Feature of BBC2’s Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby. Similarly to how hosts Monica Galetti and Rob Rinder enthusiastically joined in the celebrations with our team, you too have the opportunity to take part in a variety of traditional games that have been a part of Avurudu for generations.

These activities include:

Kamba Aedeema (Tug of War): Join the thrill of a spirited tug of war, bonding with our staff in a unique way.

Kotta Pora (Pillow Fights): Channel your inner warrior and engage in playful pillow fights, just as Rob did during his visit.

Banis Kaema (Bun Eating Contest): Savour the sweetness of Avurudu by participating in this delicious competition, much like Monica’s victory on Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.

Rabana (Drum Playing): Immerse yourself in the melodious beats of the Rabana, a traditional drum, and learn some of the popular Raban Padha (Raban Beats).

Additional Avurudu Activities:
The Avurudu festivities at our resorts are not limited to the games showcased on Amazing Hotels. You can also partake in a variety of other traditional activities, including:

Kana Mutti Bindeema (Breaking Pots): Akin to a piƱata, break pots filled with surprises.

Porapol Gaseema: Participate in a playful game involving dried coconut shells and batons, testing your skills and reflexes.

Lissana Gaha Nageema (Climbing the Greasy Pole): Participants have to work together as a team to reach the top of a greased pole. This feat symbolises overcoming obstacles and achieving success through collective effort.

Gudu Keliya: Engage in a game that involves hitting a small stick into the air with a long stick, aiming to achieve the farthest distance. Opponents try to catch it to win.

Aliyata Aha Thabima (Mark the Elephant’s Eye): Take part in a classic game in which participants, blindfolded, aim to accurately locate and mark the position of an elephant’s eye on a drawing of an elephant.

Spoon Race: Balance a spoon in your mouth carrying a lime in this delightful competition and move as fast as you can without dropping the lime.

Goni Race (Sack Race): Hopping in a sack is no easy feat, but it’s tons of fun!

Three-Legged Race: Team up with a partner and run with one leg of each person tied together.

Avurudu truly comes to life through its sumptuous array of traditional foods. Avurudu Kema is a culinary journey that binds generations and communities together, celebrating the island’s rich culture and heritage.

At the heart of Avurudu Kema is a tantalising spread of delectable treats that entice both the eye and the palate. Among these, the iconic kiribath/milk rice, takes centre stage, symbolising prosperity and purity.

The Avurudu kevili, or festive sweets, are another highlight of the celebration. These intricately crafted confections come in a dazzling variety of colours and shapes, from the golden, syrupy kavum to the soft and sweet kokis. Each sweet tells a story, steeped in tradition and artistry, reflecting the essence of Avurudu.

The custom of sharing food during Avurudu signifies unity and togetherness, as families and friends come together to enjoy these dishes in harmony.

The celebration of Avurudu Kema goes beyond just satisfying taste buds; it’s an essential part of Sri Lankan cultural identity. The preparation and sharing of these foods carry profound meaning, echoing the country’s values of unity, prosperity, and the preservation of rich traditions.

Avurudu Festivities at Resplendent Ceylon promise an authentic experience of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, where you can immerse yourself in tradition, culture, and joy. As you embrace the spirit of Avurudu, we invite you to create unforgettable memories with us, just as Monica and Rob did on Amazing Hotels. This unique cultural immersion is not only a celebration but an opportunity to connect with our staff and the local community.

Join us in April, and let Avurudu be your reason to visit Sri Lanka and experience the Resplendent Ceylon properties like never before.