September 16, 2021

Faunal Diversity at Ceylon Tea Trails

A keen naturalist hailing from the hill country, Rohan Gunasekara began his nature work at the Hill Country Youth Exploration Society. He was later the Secretary of the Nature Exploration & Protection Society of Nuwara Eliya due to his avid interest in nature. He also completed the Certificate Course in Wildlife Conservation & Management at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

His love toward engaging in different biodiversity research such as birds, mammals, and freshwater fish inspired him to co-author the ‘Reflections of the Wild’ launched in 2012.

Rohan has always taken a deep interest in nature photography, and his photographic work has been included in the photographic exhibition ‘Mansalakunu’ held by the Nature Exploration & Protection of Nuwara Eliya, for eight consecutive years.

Naturalism is one of the oldest sciences in the world, and although not often highlighted or spoken of, remains relevant in today’s day and age. Studying the natural world as a whole seemed almost an intuitive part of his personality. Observing both flora and fauna in their natural habitats led to him surveying the Central Highlands around the Bogawantalawa Valley. His research of over two and a half years, is evident in the details of all birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies named below as well in his personal collection of imagery.

As a Naturalist at Ceylon Tea Trails, Rohan’s findings and explorations highlight the valley that is blessed with an ecosystem of natural forests, water streams, tea fields, far lands as well as home gardens. These habitats have made for a sound breeding ground for fauna.

Consisting of a collection of five historic colonial era bungalows, each unique and varying in character and style, they are connected by walking trails through picturesque Ceylon tea gardens that can be explored during guests’ stays with the naturalist team.

Rohan expressed one of the primary objectives of creating this survey was to both identify the biodiversity in the areas as well as pique the interest of guests through documenting and sharing it.

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