July 11, 2022

Five Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka in 2022

Sri Lanka is experiencing a sea change. It is at times like this we believe our strengths and a sense of renewal comes to the fore.

Here are five reasons why a traveller should visit our island home now:

The Resplendent Ceylon resorts

Ceylon Tea Trails, Wild Coast Tented Lodge and Cape Weligama, continue to operate normally with stocks of fuel and supplies. Hotels have preferential access given the importance of tourism.

No risk to tourists

Despite the peaceful protests, tourists are cherished by all segments of society. Australia played a one-day cricket series last week to packed audiences. The players and supporters were overwhelmed by the incredible love and affection shown to them as seen here.

Memorable stays and seamless experience

All our recent guests and those in house have had memorable stays, visiting the national parks, monuments and tea fields, enjoying a seamless experience with Resplendent service and smooth transfers.

Need of foreign currency reserves

The primary problem is a lack of foreign currency to import essentials. We handover 100% of our foreign currency revenues to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Strengthening the tourism value chain

Tourism is the single fastest way for our economy to recover. Every day spent here strengthens the entire tourism value chain. Over one million people are dependent on tourism.

We also want to share a heartfelt message from our team with you; please take a moment to watch A Story of Hope – a story of our island home, inviting you back.