June 29, 2023

Five Things to Do on Your Honeymoon at Ceylon Tea Trails

Imagine cosy nooks, tucked away villas and suites, serenity that also allows you to be present. At Ceylon Tea Trails, you have five bungalows to choose from; each offering a unique and charming perspective of their own. Here, time almost seems to stand still. The fresh cool air means the ideal environment for relaxation in seclusion, less social interactions with other guests, private pools and jacuzzis and all the more reason to bask in the comfort of your romantic getaway. 

Here are five things you can opt to do during your stay:

Lake Cruise

Embark on an experiential journey on the Castlereagh Lake complemented by stunning views of the misty mountainscape and tea valleys. Spend an hour or two exploring the calm waters, looking out for wildlife, admiring the majestic scenery. Soak up the slow paced atmosphere, complemented by an indulgent breakfast or lunch spread. Relax over a cup of tea or glass of wine while taking in the views. 

Forest Bathing and Exploration at Makandawa Forest Reserve

Forest bathing, the idea of absorbing nature’s atmosphere, is essentially the practice of slowing things down and becoming aware of our surroundings – no actual bathing involved.  On this guided exploration of a tropical rainforest, take in the sights, sounds, textures and atmosphere of the wild – host to a colourful array of birdlife (resident, endemic, and migrant during winter), small mammals and even fish and amphibians endemic to our island home. The forest trails make for a moderately challenging hike as well. The typically half-day experience includes a pause to indulge in a packed breakfast.

Scenic Walks and Bike Rides

Venture into the verdant tea country on guided or self-guided walks and bike rides, revealing the landscape’s rich biodiversity. Tiered tea plantations overlap with forest patches, home to all creatures great and small: from endemic amphibians and birds to wild boar and leopards. Armed with binoculars, our trusty Tea Trail guides will help you and your partner see the surroundings with new eyes, pointing out native birds and providing colour, context and an in-depth narrative on the local flora and fauna. There are nine trails to choose from, ranging in length and location; you can also go off-grid and tackle a more challenging circuit with a guide if you like.

Tea-Infused Dinner for Two

Bringing together the subtle influences of the flavours of tea (not to mention the health benefits), the Tea-infused Dinner is a signature culinary experience unique to Tea Trails. Teas grown in various regions of Sri Lanka have distinctly different flavour profiles, and each lends a different effect to types of ingredients and methods of preparation. Earl Grey cured fresh salmon, Moroccan Mint tea crusted lamb cutlet, and Vanilla panna cotta with minted fresh fruits and Hibiscus tea sauce are some examples of a menu that spans four courses for two and appeals to both the intellectual curiosity as well as the palate of any gourmet. 


Spa Therapies for Two

While the bungalows are not home to a spa in its traditional sense, healing therapies and treatments are on offer at the comfort of your own room. Each ritual is infused with natural ingredients and nurturing practices and draws inspiration from traditional healing methods, bountiful tea, herbs and spices. From signature treatments to soothe and relax to body rituals that relieve stress and tension, treat yourself to a world of pampering and rejuvenation with your loved one. 


To book any of these experiences during your honeymoon, kindly contact us at reservations@resplendentceylon.com