December 12, 2022

Five Things to Do on Your Honeymoon at Wild Coast Tented Lodge

You’ve picked your honeymoon destination, resort and airfare. The question is, what will you do once you arrive? First off, agree on your personal expectations and desired honeymoon vibe – completely relaxed for rejuvenation and connection or full of adventure for thrill and excitement. 

At Wild Coast Tented Lodge, honeymooners are spoilt for choice. Here are five things you can opt to do during your stay:

Exclusive Game Drive

We strive to redefine game drives by taking a holistic approach to the wilderness. Our passionate rangers are experienced, knowledgeable, have an eye for detail and are well-versed in how to showcase the entire spectrum of biodiversity found in our jungles. They are also adept at interpreting the signs of the wild to deliver a fascinating narrative to make our game drives quite the distinct experience. 

Wilderness Dining

The rugged beach and sand dunes are the perfect spot for a picnic or a gourmet candlelit meal for two. Our wilderness dining experience juxtaposes the harmony of flavours and spices on your plate with the drama of dining privately on a wild coastline.

Afternoon Tea by the Lake

Taking the art of dining outdoors to a new level, our afternoon high tea experience by the lake is truly special. Our team will pick a beautiful spot with a scenic vista where you and your loved one can indulge in some exquisite creations from our pastry kitchen. Take a moment to appreciate nature, the sounds, the sights around you. Spend an indulgent afternoon in the wild. 

Rural Bike Exploration

Take a ride through the leafy, scenic back-roads of a typical southern village that lies inland from Yala. A bike ride through the village gives an authentic and fascinating perspective to the charm and scenic beauty of our island home. Kirinda also straddles a lot of forest area which is home to wildlife, especially birdlife on its Bundala flank. 

Spa Therapies for Two

We embody the ideology of curating holistic spa therapies and treatment, infused with natural ingredients and nurturing practices. Our spa menu draws inspiration from traditional healing methods, the deep blue ocean and a bountiful collection of hyperlocal herbs and spices. From signature rituals to soothe and relax to body rituals that relieve stress and tension, our Sanctuary Spa combines techniques to bring about an overall sense of wellbeing. 


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