January 3, 2022

Honeymoon in 2022: Five Things to Consider

The recent flux of requests has us thinking 2022 could be the year of honeymoons. The idea of making up for lost time and the revitalised focus of being amongst enviable locations has newlyweds also booking in on lengthier stays than usual.

Here’s five things you should consider when planning your honeymoon in 2022

Create Balance

The work from home situation may not have worn off completely and like many of us, you too could be struggling to create a sense of balance between work and home life. Apart from being to try and switch off once 5pm comes around, perhaps you could consider the idea that your honeymoon could be that perfect time to completely switch off and unwind. Think of it as a healthy detox from all the tasks and deadlines you’ve got coming up. Use this time away as a way to recharge, reset and rejuvenate. 

Simple Convenience 

Image cosy nooks, tucked away villas and suites, serenity that also allows you to be present. At Ceylon Tea Trails, you’ve a selection of five bungalows to choose from; each offering a unique and charming perspective of their own. Here, time almost seems to stand still. The fresh cool air means the ideal environment for relaxation in seclusion, less social interactions with other guests, private pools and jacuzzis and all the more reason to bask in the comfort of your romantic getaway. 

Traveling Responsibly

While our ethos has always focused on consciously thinking of our environmental footprint, we’re also seeing a similar trend in the guests we host at our resorts. Wild Coast Tented Lodge stands amidst the wilderness that is contiguous with the Yala National Park. While keystone species such as leopards, elephants and sloth bears visit the lodge, the Palatupana coastline which highlights Sri Lanka’s coastal dune landscape is visited annually by nesting sea turtles. Aside from the obvious nature aspect, we’re also drawn towards supporting our local communities. 

Expect the Unexpected

Sure, you’ve probably got everything figured out down to the last minute details but there’s no telling how smoothly your plans could go. Be prepared and expect the unexpected – there could be a last minute lockdown, a travel restriction across districts or cities. Do make sure to have travel insurance or a refundable plan. If the pandemic has taught you anything, it is not to take anything lightly or for granted. 

Strengthening Relationships

Use this time to connect, and not just co-exist. You most likely want the experience to be quite low-key, and a relaxing affair. Think candlelight dinners in a clifftop location, listening to the symphony of the Indian Ocean or cosying up on your verandah beneath the starry skies at Cape Weligama. Remember, this is YOUR time together. Forget the rest of the world for a while and find comfort and solace in each other. Whatever challenges may come your way as a couple, learn to trust in the process, be patient and attentive towards one another. 

Make the most of your honeymoon. The idea is afterall to create memories that last a lifetime.