September 20, 2023

Kayaam House, Sri Lanka launches Ayurvedic retreats for the stylish soul seeker

Sri Lanka’s newest boutique getaway, Kayaam House, this month launches an in-depth ayurvedic wellness offering for guests who wish to combine stylish design and comfort with tailored healing practices on Sri Lanka’s trendy south coast.

Guests can opt to partake in a series of carefully designed, bespoke programmes ranging in length from three to 14 days. All retreats begin with an in-depth consultation with Kayaam’s experienced Ayurveda practitioner. Employing extensive knowledge and practical experience, bespoke itineraries are filled with restorative yoga practices, personalised ayurvedic therapies and nourishing menus aligned to each individual’s dosha, with ongoing consultations throughout.

All of the programmes are based on the principles of Ayurveda – an ancient tradition which has been prominent in Sri Lanka’s medical and holistic wellbeing practices for centuries. From deeply satisfying massages to oil-based therapies designed to awaken the nervous system, all treatments will incorporate remedial Ayurvedic elements including the use of herbal powders to stimulate hair follicles, massage boluses made from cooked rice to reduce stiffness and the use of boiled fresh medicated leaves to relieve musculoskeletal issues such as rheumatism, arthritis, and sports injuries.

From a culinary perspective, the chef team have curated personalised menus which complement each individual’s own Ayurvedic constitution, incorporating traditional Sri Lankan ingredients which are renowned for their deeply medicinal properties such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon. Grounding, warm ingredients like ginger or hearty grains are incorporated in the Vata diet to calm their energy, while those with a Pitta constitution will savour dishes featuring cooling herbs and spices to calm and balance their inner heat. If one aligns with Kapha, then the priority is to boost the metabolism mainly warm, cooked meals that are particularly easy to digest. Pungent and bitter flavours also have a stimulating effect on the digestion and help reduce Kapha.

Opened in February 2023, Kayaam House is the second addition to the newly launched Reverie brand, a collection of laid-back boutique properties from Sri Lanka’s leading luxury hoteliers, Resplendent Ceylon. Located between the dense jungle and a golden beach, Kayaam House offers a plethora of activities for those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture, from bicycle tours through local villages and sunrise kayaks through mangrove-lined Rekawa Lagoon, to snorkelling for parrot fish, sea turtle spotting and surfing nearby Blue Beach, home to some of most sought-after waves on the south coast.

To book: Ayurvedic retreats at Kayaam House start from $2,190 for a double occupancy (approx. £ 1,770) and $1,650 (approx. £ 1,330) for single occupancy based on three nights’