October 25, 2021

Our Food Philosophy

Experiencing local cuisine is an integral part of visiting Wild Coast Tented Lodge. We’d like to think of each plate, every dish, the ingredients used as an expression, an indication of its connection to nature, our island home and the progressive creativity of our chefs.

Our offering is linked to both grounded intention and a deep sense of purpose; to nurture and nourish not just the body but also mind and spirit.

It is coherent that our kitchen embraces the diversity of seasonal produce and its availability – looking towards small local producers and farmers, fishermen and communities that yield strengthened connections of support, long-term relationships and harvests that are wholesome, nutritious and clean.

The menus are constantly changing therefore and are inspired by the natural surroundings, as well as the freshness of local produce. No two meals are alike; each a visual and gastronomical representation and celebration of seasonal fresh flavours.

We also find that flavours have a way of connecting memories, moments and emotions. Tastes, smells and textures can be highly evocative, moody even and bring back memories of not just eating food itself, but also when, where and with whom such was shared. When you dine with us at our Lodge, you embark on an epicurean journey of creating a new set of memories and moments that you’ll come to savour and cherish in time.

Our chefs are dynamic, gifted and deeply passionate about what they do. Each bearing a unique sense of style, inspiration, food philosophy combined yield one-of-a-kind fares. They are supported by a team of ambassadors who create reconceptualised food and drink in kind.

Whether you’re looking to indulge, wine and dine, or seek a softer and more comforting sublime approach to your food and fare, this is your invitation to experience it, from farm to table.