The butler did it!

When I arrived at Tea Trails for the first time I was introduced to my private butler, Suresh. Resplendent in a silvered sarong and matching shirt, (He has 4 sets to choose from) he was everything I envisaged a butler to be. Tall, handsome and quietly spoken. In fact, I’ll admit it here for the

Echoes of the past

The Scots are a tremendously mobile and resourceful people. Over the last couple of centuries these resourceful people took their talents in engineering, mining and tea and coffee growing to the ends of the earth and were instrumental in founding and building some of the great institutions we still see today. Including most of the

A Walk on The Wild Side…

I’m pretty sure Lou Reed didn’t have the kind of wildlife in mind that I saw on my stay at Tea Trails when he released his iconic song on his album “Transformer” back in ‘72. Moving swiftly on though, one of the things that drew me to Sri Lanka in the first place was the

Tea Trails launches pioneering leopard conservation centre

Sri Lanka’s first tea resort partners with The Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust to introduce first-of-its kind conservation research and Tea Trails nature tours Oct 2016 – Budding naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts can rejoice as the world’s first tea bungalow resort, Tea Trails, introduces two innovative wildlife initiatives; the creation of a dedicated leopard conservation station

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