August 24, 2021

Renew,Realign and Rediscover

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Count to four. Release.

Whilst the challenging events of the past year have left us feeling untethered from our everyday routines, it is more apparent than ever that we as travellers, travel advisors, and as humans, are now looking for a deeper sense of connection and meaning in our lives.

Our sense of familiarity and comfort have been compromised and yet, our resilience and penchant for stability offers us all the opportunity to reset, realign and rediscover ourselves as well as our love for travel.

From our family at Resplendent Ceylon, here are a few intentional practices that are inspired by the wisdom of our natural surroundings at Cape Weligama.


Quiet breaths. In and out. To the beat of the gushing ocean below.

The seas inspire us to connect with our breath – our innermost ebb and flow. Allow it to guide you towards a slow pace, a rhythm in line with the rise and fall of waves, the salty breeze and gentle pace of puffy clouds floating by.


Root to rise. Connect. Sync. Feel.

Let the idea of walking barefoot across the grass, the sandy beaches of Weligama envelop you in a blanket of comfort, safety and nurturing. Let this be what realigns your sense of self, inner peace and calm. Let this be what centres you to be in the moment, to be present.


Come into a deeper sense of awareness. Awaken.

As you rest beneath the coconut trees, as you relax and unwind after a spa or bath ritual, as you rejuvenate amongst the gardens, the trees, as you listen to the call of nature, recognise the true purpose and joy of rediscovery.

Wherever you are reading this from, may these practices assist you towards a journey of renewed sense of self.