August 11, 2023

Romance + Adventure | The Ultimate Getaway

Are you finding it difficult to decide on the holiday vibe – relaxed and meant for romance and rejuvenation, or full of adventure, thrill and excitement? Well, when lounging loses its novelty and you’re on the verge of boredom, you could seek a dash of adventure to heighten your romantic escape. 

Picture an intimate vacay with an adventurous twist. Safari sunsets and sundowners set against the jungle backdrop. Healing couples therapies and treatments after a guided hike in nature. 

Here’s a few suggestions to meet both a touch of romance and adventure during your stay at Wild Coast Tented Lodge:

Exclusive Game Drives

Centred on the thrills in store, the twice-daily safari drives take a holistic approach to the wilderness. In the morning, you’ll witness the tail end of the animals’ nocturnal activity, with a strong chance of spotting leopards, crocodiles, water buffaloes, peacocks and spotted deer. In the afternoon, as the animals bask in the sun, you might be rewarded with longer sightings and a higher volume of elephants on the move. Our passionate rangers are extremely knowledgeable and have an eye for detail; showcasing an entirely broad spectrum of biodiversity found in our jungles. They are also adept at interpreting the signs of the wild to deliver a fascinating narrative to make our game drives quite the distinct and thrilling experience. 

Explorations on Foot or Bike

The Ruhunu landscape is complex; teeming with flat plains, shrub jungle, sand dunes, rocky outcrops and bodies of water. The wondrous nature around allows for observing animals with ease and guided explorations both on foot and bike as a couple. Wild animals including elephants, buffaloes, wild boars and snakes traverse the surroundings of our Lodge frequently, so it is with a safety-first approach and full alert that we embark on a nature walk. Being on foot also means you have the time and opportunity to notice the smaller details – tracks, droppings, animal sounds and calls, even broken branches, and so on, in a safe yet fascinating manner. This is, without a doubt, the most immersive and interesting way to appreciate the wilderness. On bike, you will wind your way through the leafy, scenic back-roads of a typical southern village that lies inland from Yala. This experience gives an authentic and fascinating perspective to the charm and scenic beauty of our island home. 

Wilderness Dining

The rugged beach, bush and sand dunes are perfect spots for an idyllic picnic or a gourmet, intimate candlelit meal for two. Our wilderness dining experiences juxtaposes the harmony of flavours and spices on your plate with the drama of dining privately on a wild coastline. Spend an indulgent afternoon taking in the sights and sounds of the jungle during a cream tea experience, or stargaze beneath the dark blue skies at nighttime. Dining at our Lodge is an all-inclusive fare so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or expenses; enjoy multi-course Sri Lankan feasts or opt for a four-course global menu encompassing starters, soups, mains and desserts. Our hyperlocal local tipples are guest favourites, combining local spices and herbs with international spirits. 

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