July 10, 2023

Southern Soul | Ancient Earthenware

Sri Lanka’s pottery industry has survived for centuries; the first identified pot dating as far back to the year 900 BC and 1120 BC. Communities and villages of these times originated this craft by preparing earthenware which were then used for their day-to-day purposes including domestic utensils, religious activities and other household chores. 

Pottery was crafted using two methodologies; by hand and by the use of a wheel. Ancient chronicles portray traditional potters with the invention of foreign technology seeping through the famous maritime trade silk route. Those who arrived on the island during the time of Sangamitta Thera, established themselves at a village called Kumbukkaragama where this craft continues to this day. Valuable and precious clays have also been found in various parts of the island over time, with families and individuals depending on this craft to earn their daily livelihood even today. 

Your host of the pottery experience has been at the art for many years; having honed her skills through her parents and keen to pass down the knowledge with her family. 

The body of clay is sourced from a lake in Mattala and then brought to Weligama to be prepared and shaped for use. The clay is then altered by impressing, bulging, carving and incising. On your visit you may immerse yourself in part of the process, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 


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