January 26, 2021

Sri Lanka is Open

Last year, we told a story of resilience together with IFilm Sri Lanka. We have remained hopeful – and the tomorrow we spoke of is finally here.

After 10 months, Sri Lanka opens for foreign travellers with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation, with open arms and open hearts.

Please click above to watch our short welcome video.

The health and safety protocols for Sri Lanka have been designed to ensure your safety and the safety of the local community. There are no quarantine restrictions or minimum stays and you can travel to all three Resplendent resorts and selected tourist sites.

As we eagerly await your arrival, we understand that the landscape of travel has changed. Our SafeStay protocols
, which have received global recognition, will ensure that you have a stress free stay.

Our teams have been delivering the usual top-notch service to domestic travellers these past 10 months and are eagerly awaiting your return. Our commitment to creating meaningful journeys has never been stronger.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.