March 15, 2022

Take to the Skies!

Choosing the right transfers can set the tone for your entire trip. If you’re looking to cut travel time from one destination to another, best go for a private air transfer. Here’s why:

More time at your destination

Roads can tend to get ladden with traffic. Our island road routes can also account for some interesting winding series as you make your way towards the tea country or some bumpy trippin’ heading to the outskirts of Yala. The backroads can be exciting to some, but you do want to enjoy more time at your destination, right? Opting for an air transfer means cutting your travel time by more than half for the part and getting to enjoy your holiday spot for the long-run.

Safe pick-up and drop-off

Air transfers are convenient, quite pleasant and offer a safe pick-up and drop-off. Whether you’re heading to Cape Weligama on the balmy southern coast of the island or the quaint bungalows of Ceylon Tea Trails in the cool hills of the upcountry, the ride is enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

Advance booking option

For added convenience and less hassle closer to date of travel, air transfers allow you to book weeks and often months in advance. The arrivals and departures are also synchronised with that of international airlines for the ease of connectivity.

Individual or private group travel

Travelling with your loved ones? Opt for taking a ride in the skies which make for quite an exciting and unique experience at the same time, whether it’s on your honeymoon or summer/winter vacation with the family.

Scenic views of the landscape

We’d like to think of the scenic views as the best part of taking air transfers. Often when driving across the landscape, we tend to miss out on plenty of sights and scenes, but in the air, it can often feel as if you are moving at a slow pace and be able to immerse yourself in the visuals with a bird’s eye view of our island’s natural beauty.

Images courtesy – Cinnamon Air

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