June 2, 2022

The Ultimate Long Weekend Guide

After a long and tiresome week, sometimes a weekend getaway is in order. Consider our ultimate long weekend guide and resident offers at our Resplendent resorts or Reverie resorts – Ahu Bay and Kayaam House when planning yours next!

Improve your physical and mental health

Having new experiences, even if they are over a short period of time, can be highly influential and beneficial towards your brain function and overall mental health. Travel has been linked to stress reduction, providing much needed relaxation and alleviating anxiety and depression. Think of a long weekend break as a reset for both your body and mind.

Boost creativity

A reset for the body and mind could also mean creating the time and space for new ideas and creativity. Taking a break from the week’s rhythm and flow, and stepping into vacay mode for a few days allows the mind to produce happy, positive and inspired thoughts.

Disconnect to connect

They say you have to disconnect to connect and what this highlights is the importance of slowing down even when the going gets tough. Unplug to unwind. The energy crisis might be an obvious reason but think about actually putting away your gadgets and tech toys which can be mentally taxing, and truly connect with the people and places around you. This gift of time, attention and awareness is invaluable.

Cost effective

Longer and more extensive getaways can be quite costly. If you’re struggling to manage your bank balance but also prioritise a little downtime, a long weekend away is right up your alley. Savings of this sort could mean a couple of weekend trips per year instead of just one big vacay.

Opportunity to try something new

A shorter getaway could also mean the opportunity to try something new. Whether it’s surfing during your stay at Cape Weligama, or hiking while at Ceylon Tea Trails, there’s always a new activity to try your hand at and enjoy.