May 5, 2023

Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit | Yoga at Cape Weligama

In the early hours of the morning, when the sun’s glow casts shadows across the ground and the salty breeze from the ocean invigorates the senses, come into a place of harmony. Join in for an hour of communal movement to connect with the mind, awaken the body and balance your inner spirit. 

Our Yoga Partners will guide you through asanas (poses) with pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation. You will learn to work with your breath, align movement and create an optimal flow of energy within. 

Reset. Realign. Rejuvenate.

Cape Weligama’s wellness programme is designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to yoga, whilst also enhancing the practice of those much experienced. 

Practices begin with a short grounding meditation, allowing for space to leave the chaos of our everyday lives behind and return to silence and stillness. A mantra or mudra is offered; a repetitive word or sentence, and gestures of fingers, for added focus and concentration. It is possible for the ocean breeze or the calling of a peacock to disturb the silence but as is with all things in nature, the practice of yoga welcomes it all; always returning to the breath whenever the mind wanders and chooses to become distracted. 

Taking a few moments to connect with the breath mindfully can be a powerful experience. We’ve grown to breathe incorrectly into our adult lives – contracting the belly as we inhale and expanding our bellies as we exhale. In reality, as we inhale, we are bringing in fresh air into our bodies, and so we should ideally fill our lungs and bellies, causing them to expand. When we exhale, breath should leave the body, therefore causing the lungs and bellies to contract. 

Pranayama – ancient breathing techniques – are useful ways in which we can harness the power of the breath in a multitude of ways. Our practicesI incorporate breathing techniques after a few moments of meditation so as to bring a sense of calm and vital energy into our bodies, preparing it for movement. 

Asanas or poses are a vital element of a yoga practice. Together with the breath, we connect mind and body, balance both sides of our energies and move toward rejuvenation. From beginner friendly poses such as the cat/cow pose, downward facing dog and child’s pose, we’ll move through a series of poses that incorporate stretches, twists, balance and strength, creating a full and fulfilling yoga practice. 



Communal yoga practices every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7am. For more information, email us at