July 15, 2021

What to Pack

We get it; sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to pack especially if you’re planning on traveling to different parts of the world. The same would be true for when you decide to travel to our island home Sri Lanka.

Whilst the upcountry tends to be a lot cooler, the dry zones offer plenty of sunshine. We are often plagued with questions of what to pack, how much is too much and how you can keep your luggage light if you are moving from one place to another.

Depending on which of our resorts you’ll be staying at, or if you have picked out a couple of days at each resort, here’s a little guide on what might be useful to have around.

Ceylon Tea Trails

The weather up in the tea country can tend to hit a low during the late evenings and early mornings, bringing in a misty atmosphere and a light chill. Have a light jacket or fleece handy or maybe a thick scarf. If your feet happen to feel the chill the most, have a few pairs of socks to don. Day time can tend to steer toward sunshine, but with the occasional cool breeze, so pick a healthy balance between some light wear like shirts, a pair of pants, jeans or shorts. The bungalows have walking trails between them which make them ideal for scenic explorations but you’ve got to have comfortable trekking shoes. We’d carry a journal with us and at times a book to read although the bungalows do have quite an interesting collection of good reads. Have your sunglasses, lip balm, mosquito repellent and phone charger close by at all times. If you’re traveling for work, be sure to have all your essentials in one bag or pack. Plenty of secluded nooks and relaxed spaces offer the ideal environment to work remotely so you could bring your laptop, notebook, and necessary chargers with you. The valley provides the ideal habitat for a variety of birds, mammals, butterflies and reptiles so if you happen to be a wildlife lover, do have your binoculars and camera gear (lenses, charger, battery, memory card) handy as well. Each of the bungalows have swimming pools that provide quite the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and if you are willing to take a dip, bring along your swimwear too!

Wild Coast Tented Lodge

The dry zone calls for plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, lotion and lip balm. Packing light means also being able to mix and match items of clothing such as a pair of long pants or shorts, some cotton shirts, t-shirts or lightweight summer dresses. Wear some comfortable walking shoes and have a pair of binoculars that could be handy for when you go on safari or even a bush walk. Maybe an extra pair of flat shoes for simply lounging at the resort too. No judgement if all you wish to do is be by the pool but have your essentials with you including a wide-brimmed or safari hat, swimwear (of course!), and maybe a book, and journal. Chargers for phones and other electronic equipment you may carry are a must. Wildlife enthusiasts – let’s run through a mini checklist of your camera, camera gear and equipment, charger, lenses, memory cards and battery.

Cape Weligama

While the southern coast is still all about the sunshine, thanks to the occasional gust of sea breeze, the air doesn’t tend to feel dry and balmy. We’d still recommend lightweight clothing like shorts, t-shirts, tanks and dresses that can be worn at any time anywhere. If you wish to lounge like the locals, a sarong would do. For footwear, go with open-toe sandals. Sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, lotion and insect repellent are still on the list. A beach cover-up would be ideal too. Whether you decide to take a dip in the ocean or the famous crescent moon pool, here’s where we feel it’s best to have two separate swimsuits. A selection of books are readily available but you could bring your own favourite read, a journal if that’s something you like to do, and your phone or laptop charger. Whale safari bound travellers be sure to have your trusted camera, camera gear and equipment, charger, lenses, memory cards and battery. A water-proof pack or bag would be handy too.

All our resorts are equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectants but it would be ideal to have your own pocket-sized spray or bottle. If you also prefer to carry your own toiletries, please do so. Be sure your allet and passport pack has all the necessary documents you require including health insurance information. Carrying books around might add more weight to your luggage so perhaps you could opt to have a selected choice of books waiting for you at each of the resorts. And last but not the least, a sunny disposition throughout your stay!

Download our packing checklist here.

Images sourced and courtesy Unsplash